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Publish on 27 October 2017

Posted by admin on September 6, 2016September 15, 2016 You may have beautifully designed business cards artwork present in your hard disk and on your computer screen however, if you translate the same artwork on cheap, rough quality paper then it will remove the wow factor from your brand. Moreover, you will not be able to get a strong response based on your first impression. In a corporate work environment, it is extremely important that you leave an everlasting impression and through business cards and your body language, you can stand out from rest of your competitors. Besides, getting high quality business cards printing is a piece of cake especially when you’re paying close attention to all the minor details which will transform your ideas into masterpiece. Let’s take a close at some of the factors that you should always consider before you handover your artwork. CMYK or RBG One of the most common questions that most of our customers ask us is that “do I need to pick CMYK or RGB color?” Well, the answer to question is pretty easy and we tell our customers to pick CMYK color as they will always get you the best result when it comes to business cards printing. Additionally, converting from RGB to CMYK color is also very trouble-free and you need to open your artwork in photo shop. After you have opened your artwork, go to image tab and under it select Mode and then you need to choose CMYK. Removing Green and Blue Lines If you have been designing your visiting cards in RGB setting and when you decide to switch to CMYK mode in that case you will notice visible green and blue lines around the image and text area which you can easily remove by going following this simple process. View>Gamut Warning, and this particular will eliminate any lines which has been caused due to conversion. Moreover, your business cards printing can now take place seamlessly. Right Resolution for Business Cards Printing The secret to getting best result for visiting cards printing is that you should always select 300 dot per inch(dpi) and any resolution less than 300 dpi will not get you the desired result. This particular screen resolution will ensure that you get the highest quality result without any hassle. Double Check Your Artwork If you are providing your artwork, make sure that before you’re saving your work in psd format or ai format, you should re-check your work for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Otherwise, you will end-up in wasting your money and time. Moreover, you will have to do printing job all over again. At star print online, you will always get the best printing services each and every time. We have more than two decade of experience in the printing industry and we have created some of the best business cards for top-notch corporate organizations and alike. Plus, our rates are unbeatable and within your budget. We also offer designing and branding services to all our customers so send an email today and we will get in touch with you shortly.  

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