Published on 16 March 2020

Yes, finally we are on the back end of winters, and everyone around is looking forward to experience the warmer climate and sunshine which Spring brings along. Nevertheless, along with the soothing sun, there is one more thing which usually comes with this new season –...

Published on 03 February 2020

Yes, it is that time of the year which is associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. So,begin your year with new agendas, positive attitude, and a list of novel resolutions. Now, whenyou are making those famous health-related resolutions, don’t forget about the health of...

Published on 04 July 2019

From receiving the print-ready artwork to Making Plates Printing Cutting Folding & Delivering Entire JOB DONE in less the 24 hours turnaround time.HARD WORK!!!!All worth the efforts when you see your CUSTOMER HAPPY. That is exactly why YUPP TV keep coming back to us for all...

Published on 11 October 2018

The latest high quality printing for Firezza in October.

Published on 23 July 2018

Here's exmaples of menu work we have printed in the summer of 2018. For a great deal please use  the 25% off everything discout code: SP25.

Published on 25 June 2018

Take a Fresh Look at School Lunches.ISS 8 Pages, 210mm Square Booklet, 4 colour, saddle stitch.

Published on 25 June 2018

News Just In : Sports Fans Choose Vegan! Fans choose vegan pizzas to boost their own performance this Summer.Printed: 4-colour, A4 Folded Newsletter for Firezza's Summer promotion.

Published on 17 May 2018

News Just In : Pizza Makes You Smarter Scientific Study Reveals That Eating Pizza Makes You Better Person

Published on 25 March 2018

Need leaflet distribution? Get in touch with our distribution team for more information on your area….

Published on 13 February 2018

Get your business stationery printed at Star Print. With super quick turnaround times and choose from variety of paper to match your needs. Compliment Slips and Letterheads are are normally printed on 120gsm uncoated paper. But if you want something bespoke, get in touch with us at...

Published on 05 January 2018

When promoting food, it is important that the design is clear and concise. The menu must be able to speak for itself and the food description images should be able to sell the item very quickly. Vibrant colour scheme with lots of neutral tones always work well when delivering food...

Published on 11 August 2017

A trendy Chinese, Thai & Dim Sum restaurant. A clear listed design to show off all the tasty dishes this place has to offer. If you compare our prices with the other online printers available in United Kingdom, you will find our rates to be reasonably priced and our affordable...

Published on 20 July 2017

When your menu looks good you know the food will taste good! This is why getting the right material for your product is vital. This company opted for the classic black diner feel to promote their ‘Cheat Meals”. A trendy and funky American diner styled menu with three colour...

Published on 18 July 2017

Re invent your business and spread the word with our hot sizzling summer printing prices. Leaflets / Brochures are the best way to promote your company and can be changed many times a year at a great price. Choose from our standard 130gsm, 150gsm or 170gsm Silk or Gloss or be more...

Published on 10 July 2017

We have been in the printing business for more than decade and over the years, we have designed and printed some of the finest wedding cards that will simply blow your mind and make your life’s key event even more special. Whether you need bespoke wedding cards, birth...

Published on 13 June 2016

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth II turning 90, various schools have been participating with this craft activity hat in favour of the Queens birthday.

Published on 05 April 2016

In the New Year, we began to work with one of London’s finest Indian Restaurants – Chakra! Having won many awards (even though they have just started out), shows Chakra is trending..and fast! This beautiful, boutique style restaurant is located in the famous...

Published on 03 March 2016

Menu printing is our specialty so check out our new design and branding created for ‘Haweli of Ealing’ – an Indian Restaurant. The bright blue and gold theme gives this menu a new and fresh look. It grabs the audiences attention and invites them into looking at the...

Published on 25 December 2015

Last night was the launch of a project called ‘Sculptural Hillingdon’ for the Hillingdon Arts Association. This book provides a guide to view the famous sculptures around the borough. Check out the photos of the booklet designed and printed by Star Print!

Published on 10 October 2015

Signage and notices are very important for public spaces. At Star Print, we would be happy to design and provide a range of material suiting your environment.  

Published on 07 July 2015

Star Print has been known for serving the education sector for over ten years. Check out our latest project for Forest Hill School in South London. We designed a newsletter for the school which will be produced on a quarterly basis. This booklet is a fantastic way of showcasing...

Published on 10 May 2015

Sometimes the simpler the business card the better it works. Here we have an image of a driveway and garden which depicts exactly what the companies purpose is. Simple and straightforward!

Published on 05 May 2015

When it comes to small businesses, promotions and events are always changing. At Star Print we can quickly design your product, print and deliver within 48 hours!

Published on 04 April 2015

Why not find ways to explore and promote your brand in fun and creative mediums. We recently printed these stickers for a Cricket Clu

Published on 09 February 2015

At Star Print, we designs for all sectors and different industries, including the motor industry. This Double sided leaflet, printed on 170 gsm silk is a great way to provide customers with crucial information.

Published on 14 November 2014

At Star Print, we love to take on unique projects and make them look elegant and of high quality.

Published on 08 November 2014

Most of this menu consisted of the colour black which can fill in the text, but we made sure the product was of crisp quality.

Published on 04 September 2014

There are many techniques in reproducing images in colours through specifics graphic processes and industrial equipment. In this type of Commercial printing, the four-colour-process commonly known as CMYK is the printing process. Three secondary inks are used plus black. Cyan (Blue)...

Published on 14 August 2014

Firezza are always finding ways to make their food enjoyable to a range of ages. From menus to magazines, this company is always finding refreshing ways to engage with children. Chef’s hat’s and certificate are rewarded to children to involve them in making the food as well as...

Published on 08 August 2014

We have lots of experience in the packaging industry and work with all different types of food & drink products. We welcome new projects, small or large runs.

Published on 17 July 2014

We printed these beautiful brochures for furniture company Bravo London. This brochure is a great example of landscape printing. The filters and effects that the client used works well with the entire company look. We provide a range of finishes to suit your design specification. For...

Published on 09 July 2014

Check out our latest flyer for dance club La Starz…

Published on 18 June 2014

The colours of all these tiles remind me of what summer is about. The bright colours, the vibrant and exotic sensations that come with the summer heat… Morocco is full of culture and intricate architecture dating back hundreds of years. 

Published on 18 June 2014

The print and production of pre-paid telephone or calling cards has become a significant part of our business. We specialise in the manufacture of 470 micron solid plastic cards, which are litho printed 4 colour process and then finished with an ink-jet PIN and serial number and a...

Published on 15 May 2014

We printed these elegant catalogues for the company Just Taps Plus. Their products look so crisp and classy promoting their high quality range. Just Taps Plus was established in 1992 and through their ability they were able to keep up the pace with the consumers ever changing...

Published on 07 May 2014

This beautifully designed brochure is for a Nursing home for company IPSA. Star Print is an independent Print Company, which has been operating in Northolt, Middlesex in London, offering businesses top quality, full colour litho printing and design services. The philosophy behind...

Published on 11 April 2014

Printing is a product service for everyone. No matter what industry you are in, everyone benefits from good quality printing. We recently welcomed the West London Kidney Patients Association by printing their regular newsletter. As well as being a smart choice for the economic change, it...

Published on 10 April 2014

At Star Print we absolutely love these 2 Colour Letterheads we printed for a consulting company called Alchemy. The logo looks great against this beautiful red pantone shade. This Letterhead is a great example on how to be creative with stationary to ensure the best product results. It...

Published on 13 March 2014

Check out our packaging products we printed for Argan Oil. Their new skincare range is aimed at a wide audience. The lovely blend of browns, reds and gold’s along with a softer pastel pink range make this packaging unique and is clear that it is appeals to a wider ethnic...

Published on 13 March 2014

We cater to every customer! We printed these bespoke invites for major food chain – Firezza. The cleverly designed pull out invites work nicely and the colours are bright, attractive and elegant. Star Print is an independent Print Company, which has been operating in Northolt...

Published on 27 October 2013

STAR PRINT Star Print is an independent Print Company which has been operating in Northolt Middlesex since 2000, offering businesses top quality full colour litho printing and design services. The philosophy behind Star Print has always been to provide it’s...

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